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Shirl’s Pointe of View

No “Soup Nazi” here!

It seems my food cravings do change along with the seasons.  I found one of my favorite new spots earlier this year, and although I continued to stop there all summer, my visits have become more frequent recently as the weather has cooled. It is The Soup Cup located at 620-B Railroad Place. I call it my soup heaven! The aromas are amazing.

The owners, Rita and Scott Nitsche have such passion for what they have created there. With many years of experience, they have compiled – are you ready? – 711 soup recipes so far! Every one of them is totally from scratch, including the stocks.  I have tried quite a few of them. A couple of my personal favorites are Hearty Harvest and Gumbo YaYa. Today I couldn’t choose only one, so I got both Hawaiian Saman and Clam Chowder. The have eight different soups every day they are open (Tuesday through Saturday) and they graciously allow customers to sample before they buy.

Each selection is listed on the blackboard wall behind the counter. They have gluten free, lactose free and vegan choices. The fat content is also listed.

The soup alone would keep me returning often, but there is more! They also have delicious Belgian fries. No other fried food is ever cooked in the cooker they use, keeping the fries gluten free as well. On a second blackboard on a side wall is listed the 20 (yes 20) different dipping sauces for these perfectly cooked fries.

But wait, there is still more! There are different grilled cheese sandwich choices each day also (usually three of them). Often they have other sandwich selection specials.

They have some innovative options that change with local events. They had some specials during film festival, and for Octoberfest they are planning on having two German soups daily.

Their cheerful dedication creates a wonderful and fun atmosphere. No “Soup Nazi” here!

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