Shirl’s Pointe of View – COPPER FALLS STEAKHOUSE

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Shirl’s Pointe of View


My sister called me to suggest we try the new steak house located near the Cherryland Center at the corner of Garfield and South Airport. She works in the area and had noticed their parking lot filled up most days and they appeared to be doing a thriving business.
Having not been there before, we decided to try it at lunch time. We arrived just a bit before the lunch crowd. We were given an option of two dining areas. The first was a spacious room with a full window wall showcasing an outdoor waterfall. The other was a room with a blazing fireplace on one of the end walls. Since it was one of those wintery days, we chose the fireplace and were escorted to a booth not far from it. Shortly after we were seated, the other diners began arriving and soon it did appear they were near capacity.
I was in awe of what had been done with what had previously been a very dark building. It has been expertly renovated to create an atmosphere of elegant dining.
There were many tempting lunch selections. However, since it is a steak house, I ordered the tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes. I liked the fact that the beef is locally sourced from a Rice Farm in Benzonia , and is free from steroids, pesticides, insecticides and chemicals. After the first bite, I realized it was possibly the best tenderloin I ever tasted.
We were treated very well by the friendly and professional staff. The manager, Jeremy stopped by to make sure everything was satisfactory, which it was and then some.
There is more good news! Copper Falls has a complimentary shuttle service that will pick our guests up for dinner and deliver them back to us after dining. What a bonus for our guests!
I look forward to a return visit.

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