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Shirl’s Pointe of View

Film Food and FUN!

I was so very fortunate to be able take a summer vacation week to spend with my daughter who was here from New York. It was quite a week!

We always try to get a new adventure in between movies and dining experiences. This year’s adventure was the Wildwood Rush Zip Line and what a rush it was. It is located on fifty acres of beautifully wooded property located just outside of Boyne City. Todd Wright and Andy Poineau are the two contractors who decided to do something innovative with this beautiful property. We did the Ultimate Canopy Tour. It consists of nine separate zip lines; each one becoming progressively higher and longer. We began on walking trails through the woods to reach the launch platforms. As we got higher, it got more exciting as we traveled from one treetop platform to the next by walking across rope and wood hanging bridges. We traversed 5,000 feet of line in all. The final one was 1,200 feet, long enough to go upside down for a while, if you were so inclined, as my daughter was.

This entire operation is certified by the A.C.C.T (Association of Challenge Course Technology), so while we were zipping through the trees like birds at speeds upward of 40 miles per hour, it all felt quite safe. Our guides, Matt and Rachel couldn’t have been more gracious, helpful and entertaining. I will be repeating this when my Ohio daughter and my granddaughter come to visit in September.

We were hungry after the two hour zip experience, so we decided to try a restaurant we had not been to before. We headed to Café Santé in Boyne City, one of the Magnum Hospitality Restaurants. We arrived just before the dinner crowd and were able to be seated outside overlooking Lake Charlevoix. Our server, Jodi, was very helpful and informative, with beer and wine tastings as well as food descriptions. It was a good choice.

The next phase was back to Traverse City for a few days of “just great movies”, which we both love! This daughter plans her visit every year around the Film Festival, which is a highlight of our year, and has become tradition for us.

Between movies, we hit our standby food haunts – Brady’s Bar for Broasted Chicken and Mode’s Bum Steer for perch. We chose Copper Falls Steak House for our final dinner in the Lower Falls room and once again, it lived up to expectations.

After this activity packed week, it is good to be back at Pointes North for a “slower pace”.

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