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Shirl’s Pointe of View

Oryana Health food Co-op

Shortly after moving toTraverse City, I discovered Oryana, a natural food co-op, and it became my favorite place to shop. It is named after a South American goddess of fertility and abundance.  There have been a couple of location changes, expanding with each move, to the current location at the corner of Tenth andLake. It has been in existence since 1973 and recently celebrated its fortieth birthday.

Oryana makes every effort to keep all of its products as natural and local as possible, while also supporting small farmers worldwide.

I can (and do) spend hours browsing the aisles that contain bulk foods, produce, grocery, frozen foods, fresh local baked goods and health and beauty products (yes, even naturalists want to look good).

Chefs from some of our finest restaurants, such as The Cook’s House, shop here regularly.

The awesome staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are my “go to people” for the lifestyle I aspire to.

There are demonstrators providing some very tasty and inventive samples. Who knew lentil rhubarb soup would make my mouth so happy? They also provide wonderful recipes in keeping with their natural objective.

As I admit to still being somewhat of a carnivore, Graham’s organic beef and Bakers Acres chicken are staples in my world, as are some of the wine selections, which are as close to organic as you can get.

As you should never grocery shop while hungry, you have the option of stopping first at theLake Street  Café, tucked in one corner of the market which serves fresh and delicious fare.

When one of my daughters wants to give me a much appreciated gift, it is likely to be an Oryana gift card (no returns here).

I love the member appreciation days when they have great specials and extra member discounts.

Onward and Upward ORYANA!


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